EMS Academy - Program Application

CMI EMS Academy - Program Application

The following application will gather the information that we need to begin the admissions process. Please fill out all the required information to decrease any issues that may occur in processing your application. You will need a valid ID, Transcripts and Diploma to get started.

CMI EMS Academy - Program Application

You will need to complete the entire application in one sitting. The application should take between 20-30 minutes to complete..

Educational Background

Answer the next questions about your Educational Background

Program Specific Information - EMS

Now that we have our basic information out of the way, these questions relate to the EMS Program

Signatures and Certification

  • Program Selection
  • Personal Details
  • Educational Background
  • Program Specific Information - EMS
  • Signatures and Certification

Application Process

Our simple admissions process is:

1) Apply by using this form

2) Pay the $100 processing/application fee (this is non-refundable)

3) Initial Interview with a member of the admissions team

4) If applying for the EMT or Paramedic Program, you will be required to complete an entrance exam

5) Interview with the EMS Program Director

6) Admissions Decision

7) If accepted, we will provide further information about payment as well as how to access your student account

Program Selection

In-Person Program Description - This program will be hosted at the Criticare Medical Institute Atlanta Campus. Students will attend class in person as specified (2 days a week)

Online/Hybrid Program Description - This program will utilize online tools to deliver a blended set of live/video lectures, activities, etc. Students will be required to attend a 2-week residency at the end of the program at the Criticare Medical Institute Atlanta Campus. Residency costs are NOT included in the total cost of tuition.

The tuition for the EMS Program is $2800. Students will be responsible for their textbooks as well as any other expenses.

1. What program are you applying for?

Personal Details

Legal Sex

Is your mailing address the same as your home address?

If your citizenship is not American then select your legal status in US

Educational Background

Have you graduated from high school or an equivalent institution?

Have you attended any secondary schools (college, vocational schools, junior colleges)?

If you have attended previous secondary/postsecondary schools, can you provide transcripts prior to admission?

English Proficiency For each area, select the option that explains how much you either speak, read, write or understand English

Speak English

Read English

Write English

Understand English

Have you taken any standardized exams ?

Program Specific

Do you have any previous medical experience or certifications?

Do you have access to reliable internet?

Rate yourself on your ability to use the following programs/technology

If you have a medical license, has it ever been suspended, revoked, or denied?

If you answer yes for any of the below mentioned questions, please be prepared to provide further information to the admissions department before or during your application interview

Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution, whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct, that resulted in disciplinary action? These actions could include but are not limited to: probation, suspension, removal, dismissal or expulsion from the institution?

Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? Excluding traffic violations

This question is used to help to determine job placement assistance after program completion

In regards to driving history, how is your driving record?

Application Agreement

I understand that prior to my application being processed, I will be required to submit a $100 payment to Criticare Medical Institute, Inc. I understand that the payment is non-refundable regardless of admissions decisions and payment does not guarantee acceptance into the program. I will submit payment as soon as possible for swift processing of my application.

I understand that I will need to submit all unofficial transcripts, copies of current licenses, and other documents as requested from the admissions team.

I certify that the information that is contained in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, factual, correct and there has been no intent to deceive during this admissions process. I further understand that if it is found that I have submitted any false information that my application may be revoked and admission denied to Criticare Medical Institute

Upload a copy of your Highschool Diploma or Equivalent

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Upload a copy of your valid ID or Passport

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Upload your transcript and or any other post secondary diploma/degree

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Upload any other supporting document

Max. size: 256.0 MB


Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do you i need to have prior to starting the Program Application?

You need to have a clear scanned copy of valid govt. issue ID or Passport, GED/ High School Diploma or equivalent, any post secondary degree/diploma and transcripts and a payment method.

What courses can i register using the above application ?

You can register for the EMT (In -person classroom) or the EMT (online - hybrid)

What is the application fee i will have to pay at the time of application?

You will have to pay $100 USD at the time of application

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